Mesotherapy for acute and chronic pain
Mesotherapy for acute and chronic pain


  • Arthrosis in knee-shoulder
  • Hand- and ankle joint area
  • Rheumatism, sports- and other injuries
  • Due to excessive stress
  • Delayed wound healing
  • All types of migraine
  • Muscular tension
  • Calcium deposits in shoulder
  • Pain in hand and wrist
  • Tendovaginitis in hands and arms
  • Acute and chronic inflammation of the achilles tendon
  • Acute and chronic pain in the lumbar spine
  • Pain in the sot tissue around the hip

In general we think of skin tightening, skin rejuvenation and wrinkle reduction when we talk about mesotherapy. At the pain-clinic we are using this treatment method above all for acute and chronic pain.



The principle is the same: With 2 to 3 mm deep stitches of sixfold sharpened needles a small amout of active substance is applied under the skin.


While in case of a cosmetic treatment the substances are hyaluronic acid, cocktails of vitamins, human stem cell activators and sometimes a little botox, in case of pain treatment Procain (a local anaesthetic), homoepathic remedies as there are Zeel, Traumeel, Tramal and others are used, a colourful mixture including homeopathics, herbal substances and „normal“ pharmaceutical products.

The Cocktails are adminstered over the painful region via small stitches by hand or with an injection pistol. It will be ensured to create a regular grid.