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Special offer
Special offer


Cellulite is, independent of its state, of utmost cosmetic and mental importance. Often the affected women are adversely hindered by the appearance of their arms and legs and the associated damage of life quality.

Cellulite is assumed to include a reduction of the lymph vessels transportability. With shockwave therapy the lymph flow is elevated, the metabolism improved and the catabolism of fat stimulated.

The main function of cosmetic shockwave therapy is the tightening and regeneration of connective tissue, which reduces Cellulite and improves visual skin texture.


•     Cellulite State I – III
•     Improvement of skin elasticity
•     Activation of the connective tissue
•     Scar smoothing



As a non-invasive method it is best suited for obtaining an effective therapy!


Shockwave Therapy is practically painless with no risks involved and no side effects.

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Our Special:

550.-- Euro for 10 treatments


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